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Django templates: render an array in two columns using Bootstrap grid

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Generate .zip file in Django

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A view that creates a .ZIP file of multiple files and returns it in response:

Django: python-social-auth configuration and pipeline to get users information

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python-social-auth configuration and pipeline to get users email, full name and save avatar for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google in Django.

Useful Chorme extentions

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Validate and view JSON documents.

Postman - REST Client

Evernote Web Clipper

Use the Evernote extension to save things you see on the web into your Evernote account.

GistBox Clipper

Save code snippets from anywhere on the web. Companion extension to

XV — XML Viewer

Powerful XML viewer for Google Chrome


MEL Script (Autodesk Maya): Go through hierarchy

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Add a prefix myPrefix_ to all child elements of the joint joint1:

How to add a custom button to admin change list view id Django

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How to raise a form invalid event inside form_valid method of a FormView

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How to raise form invalid inside form_valid method of a FormView (CreateView/UpdateView) and add an error message to non_field_errors

How to pass a variable from form to view in Django

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Sometimes there is a need to pass a variable (parameter) from a FormView (for example, CreateView, UpdateView) to a form (for example, ModelForm).

Let’s suppose that we want to use a value of other_variable from a view MyCreateView in MyForm:

Cómo cocinar borsh (o esa sopita rusa roja)

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Primero, toca sobreponerse, ir al supermercado y tratar de aguantar esa muchedumbre. Y, por supuesto, comprar los siguientes ingredientes:

  • 4 tubérculos de papa
  • 200 g. de repollo
  • perejil y/o hinojo
  • aceite vegetal (más o menos 3 cucharas)
  • sal
  • 2 remolachas
  • 1 zanahoria grande
  • 3 tomates o pasta de tomate